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The Tense Pendant | 5 Questions With The Designers

Five Questions for the Designer
Panter & Tourron - The Tense Pendant Lamp

With a truly modern design (the lamp is made from recyclable material), the Tense Pendant lamp appears like a soft cloud has floated in. We're excited to share an interview from New Works with Panter & Tourron - the Swiss design studio behind the Tense series. 

"With a strong focus on research into new formal codes and
visual experiences, the Swiss studio of Panter & Tourron works
at the intersection of technology, design and society. Material
and technological innovation allows for unexpected work that is
set to redefine a new vision of luxury. Fresh from collecting the
Dezeen Award for their innovative Tense collection, the studio
pushes the boundaries of contemporary design today"

Where do you look for inspiration? 
Literally everywhere! We try to keep our eyes open for everyday life. We always share photos between us of inspiring things, special technical details, joins, simple mechanical solutions, beautiful materials or colour combinations. We particularly focus on other fields and domains different than design such as fashion, sports-wear, art, installations or even hardware stores.

How did the idea for the Tense Pendant come about? 

At that time, we were looking at solutions to build big and generous volumes out of tension, only using sticks and fabrics. We looked at kites, tents, ultra light weight sports equipment, and photography gear. Later our idea emerged from that research.

What made you select Tyvek as material for the lamp? 

During our research we looked for recycled and recyclable materials that are solid and durable. When we started prototyping shapes with different technical textiles that we had in the studio, we realized that Tyvek was the best diffuser and that it creates the warmest effect for the light.

What are your best style tips for Tense and what kind of spaces do you see it in? 

Our goal was to create a lamp that brings personality and a very nice quality of light to every home. According to the size of one’s room, one can choose the small option or the big size lamp. It’s easy to modulate the length of the cable for spaces with low or high ceil- ings. For very spacious rooms or hotel lobbies we suggest combining two lamps, a small and a big one, side by side. It will look amazing for sure.

What is good lighting in your opinion?

For us it would be described as a piece to contemplate, which moves and lives with you in everyday life, like a moving sculpture. A lamp that is both beautiful and interesting when turned on, as well as when it’s turned off. A lamp, which can be placed in any kind of interior and that will always bring in something special to it, creating atmosphere and a presence that will make you feel good.

Panter & Tourron via New Works

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