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Small Decor Ideas That Make a Big Difference

I think we all feel the need to update our surroundings every now and then! Maybe we are feeling uninspired or maybe our style changes over time and all of a sudden we realize our surroundings might not necessarily reflect ourselves anymore. It's hard to explain but sometimes we know we need a change. Making sure we live in a comforting home surrounded by things we love is one thing that can add to the beauty of life! If you're not looking to completely give your home or room a makeover, there are a number of smaller changes and updates you can make and we've listed a few ideas to give you some inspiration!

Pillows and Throws

Pillows and blankets are a great small way to add texture, colour and especially comfort to your home. They are easy to rotate through the seasons or change around whenever you feel the need for a colour or visual change. Textiles are so diverse and offer an endless choice to perk up your furniture, chairs and beds.


Unique Mirrors

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Mirrors are a well known "go to" for adding the illusion of space to a room. Not only can they make a room appear larger, but they brighten up spaces as well!


Interesting Planters

Adding plants, flowers and greenery to your living space is one of our favourite ways to balance a room. It's a small move with a huge payoff - better air quality, an element of nature in the same space as you and natural beauty - there's no denying that plants add a little bit of happiness to a room! Add them to a variety of beautiful pots for an extra boost of design. 


Small Statement Lights

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Whether you want a minimal look or something with major personality, table lamps  are most of all functional but can add a cool element to a room. Lamps come in all shapes, styles, sizes and budget requirements so you there are no limits to your options. 


Cool Decorations

Finding amazing decor to liven up your space can be a fun (and life long) project! Whether you decorate with or are a collector of treasures from your travels, vintage finds or appreciate design from artists and creators, small decor items will undoubtedly infuse your space with personality. 



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