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A Gift Guide with Donna Howell

We're always looking for ways to inspire and be inspired by such a huge design loving community on Instagram. Your interiors, projects and amazing eyes for design inspire us daily. This month, we're checking in with UK based creative director and stylist Donna Howell for a short interview and to find out her favourite items and gift ideas from the The Design Part. 
How would you describe your interior style? 
I would describe my interior style as considered, pared back with a cohesive palette running throughout in order to create flow. Working with natural light and textures to add warmth and calmness. 
What is your favorite room in your home and why?
We are currently in the throws of renovating some rooms in our home but I would say our living room is my favourite at the moment. Mainly because it is the room that has most recently been done and whilst we have a couple of pieces still to source,  it feels the most pulled together. It is also the place where we all relax together at the end of the day.
Do you have a current favorite interior piece right now? 
It’s hard to choose one piece as a favourite as we have a few items in our home with meaning to us. I like to add those one off pieces that add personal individual style to our home. However, we do adore our Menu low plinth coffee table in white carrara marble. It has really added something special in front of our original fireplace and makes a nice low table to sit at for drinks and snacks in the evening. 
Is there a current design trend that you really like?
I’m not massively into ‘interior trends’ per say although we did invest in bouclé upholstery in our dining room a couple of years ago and because we loved it so much, again last year in the form of armchairs both in our living room and master bedroom. On a personal level I have a tendency to go off things quickly so I try to stick with a less is more and timeless approach. I’m happy to spend more on items that I know I will love for longer. With that said I would rather save for original design items. 

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Her Gift Guide & Design Favourites

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