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5 Indoor and Outdoor Plant Trends for 2020

There’s no doubt we all love plants. Especially indoor plants. But aside from what looks good on Instagram, there’s a reason why the world is suddenly obsessed with gardening. It’s relaxing, it’s meditative and it’s great for the oxygen in your house.

Below we discuss the trends she thinks will be huge in 2020 according to Plant Life Balance’s 2020 plant prediction report. Because you can never know too much about plants!

1. Easy-care indoor trees

To take your indoor greenery to new heights, go for indoor trees. They add drama, structure and a whole new level of interest to a room – even if your space is limited!  They can form the backbone of your plantings or be used as a standalone feature. Not all trees are created equal though, so look for ones that are suitable for growing indoors and consider low maintenance varieties for more water-wise options. 

2. Clusters as statements

If you have several small plants dotted around the home, consider grouping or clustering them together to create one big statement planting. This will bring your plants to life and pack more of a visual punch. Include various forms, textures, colours and growth habits. The more variety, the better. 

I love playing with pot shapes and colours. Mix and match to see what suits your interior aesthetic, and don’t forget to use props like books or magazines.

3. Hand-crafted and locally made accessories

Our plants remind us there is a greater need to be connected to our natural environment and to be more mindful about how our actions impact the world we live in. When it comes to styling our homes, more of us seem to be seeking handmade, quality pieces that remind us of the natural world through their form, fiber or texture. There is just something special about owning a one-off handmade piece, especially when it helps support local artists, too. Made by Bowie, Trade the Mark, as well as Leaf and Thread are just a few of ceramic planters I have – they’re gorgeous!

4. Native gardens

Natives encourage wildlife – think insects, birds, and reptiles too – into the garden, providing them with food and shelter.

There’s a stunning variety of native plants that offer bright colour, sculptural foliage, and interesting growth habits. Grevillea ‘Peaches and Cream’ are beautiful, as are white correa (Correa alba) and emu bush (Eremophila nivea). If you’re looking for a hardy-but-sweet-looking climber, go for purple coral-pea (hardenbergia).

5. Gardening for mindfulness

Gardening, in all its forms, can offer so much joy. It’s a reminder to stop and smell the roses, to be present in the moment and appreciate all of life’s offerings, no matter how big or small.

Spending time digging in the dirt is a gentle reminder to reconnect. Even the simple act of caring for a plant on your desk has been shown to help improve mental health and wellbeing. 

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