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Frame Room Divider

von Frama

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SKU 11170
Frame Room Divider

Three Panels

€2.100,00 EUR


Kostenlose Lieferung über 80€ in die EU

€2.100,00 EUR

Frame Room Divider

One Panel

€701,00 EUR


Kostenlose Lieferung über 80€ in die EU

€701,00 EUR

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The Frame Room Divider is designed to be a discrete and subtle way of separating any room. Whether you require some privacy, a place for guests to relax, or want to add a spatial element to your home, the Room Divider maintains the same experience of the room and allows for translucency. The free-standing pieces are composed of natural oak and canvas and are held together with strong magnets to form a simple aesthetic and for practicality in moving.
– Each panel is heald together by strong magnets
– Can easily be extended with one or more single panels
– Practical to move around


• Three Panels: Length/Depth :41 cm Width :121.9 cm Height :180 cm


• One Panel: Length/Depth :41 cm Width :58 cm Height :180 cm


Frama Studio


• Three Panels - 3.5 KG, • One Panel - 1.5 KG


 Oiled oak, natural canvas