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Cocoon Leather Hang Chair

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SKU 1128
Cocoon Leather Hang Chair


€2.834,00 EUR


Kostenlose Lieferung über 80€ in die EU

€2.834,00 EUR

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Cocoon Leather hanging chair was designed by Rikke Gjørlund and handmade. The hanging chair consists of an aluminum frame and is woven with vegetable leather. It creates a light and elegant look. You can mount the chair in the ceiling with the associated rope, or hang it in a sturdy beam. Beautiful chair for luxurious interior use. Hang the chair in the ceiling and give your home a breath of fresh air. It is found in the color natural core leather. The leather is vegetable tanned with natural tannins. This means that tanning is affected by extraction from plants, bark and fruit fall, etc. Vegetable tanned leather is very susceptible to dirt and stains. Most vegetable darkens over time, while others become lighter. MAINTENANCE If you want to maintain the natural patina of the leather, we recommend that you wipe Cocoon leather with a damp cloth regularly. You should avoid using detergent, bleach and scouring creams, only use foam from soap shavings dissolved in lukewarm water. If you want to reduce stains, extend the life of the leather, and do not mind the leather getting darker over time, we recommend using leather grease or leather oil. Using one of the above products, the leather is nourished and impregnated. Water, grease and alcohol can cause marks and stains and should be removed as soon as possible. For severe marks and stains, we recommend removing them with effective leather cleaning. 


• Natur: Length :112cm Width :67cm Height :165cm




• Natur - 11.5KG


Grain leather / Filling: EPS beads.