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Storage box,  blue/red

von Applicata

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Pernille Snedker from Snedker Studio, has designed this beautiful collection of boxes for applicata inspired by the stunning patterns of the tree. "The dyeing of the boxes refers to the patterns of the tree that are emphasized and experienced with renewed intensity," Pernille Snedker explains. With the new collection of boxes, Pernille Snedker, who previously received a Wallpaper* Design Award for her work, has experimented with techniques to emulate and enlarge nature. The box collection consists of four artistic boxes in different color combinations and sizes. The boxes are dyed in beautiful color transitions and the patterns bring to mind the tree and its fine veins. Product information: Material: Cardboard 33 x 33 x 8 cm Dimensions • : Length : Width : Height : Designer Pernille Snedker Weight 0.47 Material Cardboard and paper Made in Norway and manufacturer in Germany from recycled materials. Can be machine washed.
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