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Kanso Tray Set

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Kanso Tray Set

Black Ash

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€135,00 EUR

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KANSO is one of the seven pillars of Zen Buddhist wisdom: it views simplicity as the heart of enlightened living, and the grace and beauty that emerges when clutter fades away. The KANSO tray table has an understated, even austere, metal frame that bears the trays, made from Fig Purple stained ash wood. Easy to fit together, it’s a sturdy yet elegant expression of sculptural form and no-nonsense function. It works as a stand-alone assemblage or a practical side table, and the trays can be turned to shape the ensemble into fresh patterns. And the trays can be used on their own, to serve your friends, frame a dish or show a flower.


• Black Ash: Length :31 Width :60 Height :3.5


Laura Bilde




Stained ash

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