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The Kizu Table Lamp | 5 Questions With The Designer

Five Questions for the Designer
Lars Tornøe - Kizu Table Lamp

We recently welcomed Danish design brand New Works to our collections on The Design Part and we couldn't be more excited to share an interview with the designer of their Kizu Table Lamp, Lars Tornøe. Originally available in a beautiful black or white marble, the lamp now comes in a gorgeous new colourway: Gris du Marais (shown above). 
I. How did the idea for the Kizu Table Lamp come about?

By playing with repetition of geometry in different scales. The base and the shade have the exact same shape, but the size and the crop are different.
II. What does the name Kizu mean?

Kizu is a japanese version of the word “Kiss”. I chose it to describe the way the lamp shade just barely touches the base.

III. How do you think the Gris du Marais marble used in this new edition changes the look of the lamp?

I think it takes the stone base in a little softer direction, giving the lamp more body. In contrast to the black and white marbles which make the silhouette more graphic.

IV. What are your best styling tips for Kizu and where is it found in your home?

Choose the right size. The large one is in my opinion the most iconic version, and it works best when you give it some space to stand out.
The small one you can place nearly anywhere, whether it’s next to some accessories, on your night stand or the kitchen counter.

V. What is good lighting in your opinion?

Good lighting should feel comfortable and serve its purpose. Not too bright, not too dark, and rather calm than noisy.

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