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Behind The Design | The Butterfly Chair

We've newly listed a selection of incredibly beautiful Butterfly Chairs by Cuero Design in our online shop which you can see here.  But what you can't see is how excited we are behind the scenes to partner with Cuero and to be able to discuss this incredible brand, their values and the history of their take on butterfly chair - an absolute classic design. Keep reading for some interesting facts about the butterfly chair and Cuero Design below - we're so happy to introduce Cuero to you!

5 Facts About the Butterfly Chair and Cuero Design


  • Inspired by the Tripolina, the first modern butterfly chair was designed in 1938 in Buenos Aires by three architects named Bonet, Kurchan and Ferrari (BKF).
  • The three architects made only 3 armchairs in total. One of them is in the Museum of Modern Art in New York today. The second is at the Frank Lloyd Wright house Fallingwater. (No one knows where the third is!)
  • No one company has the legal right over this design - the courts originally ruled that the "original" was only a copy of the previously mentioned Tripolina Chair.


  • The Butterfly chair has been given a new life by Swedish entrepeneuer Lars Kjerstadius.  20 years ago he fell in love with the design but deemed it too uncomfortable (a common complaint at the time) and then dedicated his time to perfecting it!
  • Lars improved it by making it 30% larger than the original design. He also made a few other adjustments to the radius of the cover in order to get a more comfortable seating position. With each year that passes, the design only gets better and better as he continues to perfect it.
  • Cuero is a family owned business and today is operated by his son and daughter-in-law.
  • They (along with us) value the longevity of their chairs and hope that they will serve your family comfortably through generations even.
  • Each chair comes in a variety of colors (both the chair and the steel used)

Cuero Design

The Abrazo Polo Chair & Footrest
One of the most durable and comfortable leather chairs in the world. Named after the word “embrace” in Spanish, the Abrazo will feel like a hug. Abrazo is one of Cuero's unique and original Swedish designs by Lars Kjerstadius, derived from the Butterfly Chair concept.

The Canvas Mariposa
A wonderful alternative to the leather Mariposa made in 100% Transylvanian hemp. Hemp is one of the oldest cultivated crops with qualities recognized worldwide for thousands of years. Its natural properties make it surprisingly versatile.

The Leather Pampa
The absolute classic - Made deep in the Swedish forests with the utmost focus on quality and sustainability, the Pampa Mariposa is unquestionably one of the most comfortable butterfly chairs available, and without a doubt one of the most eco responsible and sustainable.

The Iceland Mariposa
This incredible version comes with the finest quality 100% natural Icelandic Sheepskin, for a warm yet never smothering experience.

To see the entire collection of chairs, stools and sheepskins as well as all of the colors and configurations available, visit our Collection page.

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