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5 Highlights of Sustainable and Circular Furniture with Mater

The name Mater comes from Latin and means "mother". The name is a daily reminder of our small contribution to reducing the challenges facing Mother Earth. Design influences our daily way of life - it influences our values ​​as well as our culture and society. But at the same time, we are aware that the decisions we make during the design process can have serious environmental consequences. As a manufacturer, we have a unique opportunity to rethink the problematic processes and create an ethical and sustainable design that is both socially fair and reduces the impact on the environment.
- Henrik Marstrand, founder & CEO

We couldn't have introduced Mater and their dedication to ethical and sustainable design better than the founder and CEO himself. 

Throughout recent history, we feel that we've all definitely recognized the need for a greater shift in the focus of design from the solitary end user to designing for a wider and more intimately connected web of people and our environment.  Since 2006, Mater has dedicated their brand to ethical production and conscious design in an effort to avoid and reduce averse affects on society through ingenuity and a selective choice of materials and methods. 

With each new collection and the innovations that it takes to reach the highest standards of circular design, the designers of Mater push themselves further.

Read on for 5 designs and/or collections by Mater that will leave you inspired.

1. The Ocean Collection

Designed by one of the most renowned designers of the 20th century, Nanna Ditzel, the Ocean Collection combines innovation with technique and material to create objects from plastic waste from our oceans. Each chair consumes around 960g of plastic waste (specifically nets and hard plastic).  Not that you would ever need to...but when the feeling comes that you'd like to replace the chairs - they can be completely disassembled and each component in its purest form can be returned to new production circles. They are available in 3 gorgeous colors - see the chairs, 2 person table and 4 person table.

2. The Nova Chair

The Nova Chair by Danish design ARDE is the final product in a test of conscious use of material and a waste-to-value philosophy.  The chair is an example of sustainable production techniques using 3D veneer. The chair is made from recycled beech veneer which is sliced and glued together in a delicate (and patented) process creating a textural and organic looking surface.  Each chair can again be disassembled and returned to a new production circle - new chairs.

3. The Winston Day Bed

Named after Winston Churchill, The Winston Day Bed is an experiment in wicker and in using the material as a sustainable craft - since the grass grows again quickly after harvest. The frame is made of FSC certified oak and the wickerwork is carried out by a recognized crafter in Denmark - where the old craft tradition has been cultivated and perfected for three generations.

4. The Earth Stool

The Earth Stool, designed by architect and designer Eva Harlou is a wonderful and sustainable reinvention of the classic bar stool. It is made in two different versions - one from recycled plastic packaging waste and the other from FSC certified oak to support a sustainable decision regardless of which style you choose.

5. Ray Lamps

Combining oak and FSC-certified steel, the Ray Lamp Collection (in both black and white) make up of a beautiful and innovative contrast. The inner ball screen can be adjusted so that the light will beam where you would like.

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