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Home Office Inspiration #002

The home office has gotten to spend its fair share of time in the spotlight this year. There are endless topics to discuss when navigating the best way to work at home - tips and tricks for productivity and focus, ergonomics, space, routine, habits, communication, communication platforms and not going crazy are all things to consider. We of course, love to focus on the design part! So we're back with a few more nice suggestions as you continue to create the perfect space for working at home...

Main Image: The Rail Desk by Menu (€299,95)
Guide: From top left to bottom right: Green Velvet Seat Cushions by Marion (
€49), Eva PCR Capitone Chair by Accento (€626), Tokio Table Lamp by PWTBS (€270), Wire Bin by Menu (€69), Rivet Shelf by Frama (€677), D1 Desk by Andersen (€1.199), Ray Floor Lamp by Mater (€458), DB1 Arctic Day Bed by Andersen (€1.895), The Pierre Jeanneret Office Chair by Srelle (€1.299)

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