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Home Office Inspiration

Whether we love or hate home office time, we can now safely say we're settled in to them by now. As the end of 2020 is (finally?) upon us, it's the perfect time to reassess how motivating your home office might be and to make some changes for a fresh start in the New Year with your work and focus resolutions. Does it inspire you? Is it ergonomic? Is it comfortable? Do you have the right shelving and storage solutions? Is the lighting ok? Afterall, every detail can contribute to your mood and productivity. Here are a few ideas!
From top right to bottom left: The Baby Dome Lamp by Menu ( €209,88), Levels Carpet by Layered ( €759+), The A-Plant Stand by Andersen Furniture ( €40), JWDA Floor Lamp by Menu (€1499,95), Mono Table 250 by Bannach ( €4.900,00+), Greta SCR Armchair by Accento ( €443), Easy Irony Bookcase by Zeus ( €2.997), Firenze D Feet Sofa by Accento ( €2708), Nouveau Pin Boards by PWTBS ( €130+)
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