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D.I.Y Table Inspiration

Not only are dining tables a wonderful place to gather with family and friends, but they can also be wonderful statement in your dining room or kitchen! There is nothing better than the satisfaction of having created and completed your own DIY project, wouldn't you agree?

To help inspire your next creation - we've newly listed some great options for table bases just in case you're thinking of designing and building your own dining table or office desk. Could it be your next project? We love the idea as it can be more cost effective and you have full creative license on what kind of table top you choose - depending on the exact look you're going for. The ideas are endless and the internet is a great place to search for inspiration and how to's - but here we have you covered with a selection of table legs in different heights and configurations!

 Hairpin Table Legs

 Our Hairpin Table legs are available with both a 2 pin or 3 pin configuration and are available in different heights (They attach easily to your chosen table top with screws). 

 Iron Table Base

Made from pure iron and with a durable floor mat underneath, the Iron Table Bases are a great option for a bolder look. 

 Basis Trestle

The Basis Trestle legs are made from walnut in case you are looking for a wooden option. 


Happy D.I.Y'ing!


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