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An Industrial Feel | Concrete in Design

We truly love exploring and learning about the ways that creatives in architecture and interior design choose and manipulate different materials to achieve their final product (see our post on paper mache!) With so many technological advances and new methods and ideas surfacing, the possibilities are truly endless. 

Concrete has long been known for its foundational use for roads, bridges and buildings but the 20th century moved concrete to a new status as architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier helped us to see the beauty in a substance often seen as more brutalist. Today, designers are taking its use further by creating smaller design objects in really interesting ways and we are really appreciating concrete for its modern and minimal look!

Besides being easy to maintain, it gives a sense of strength and durability to interiors as well as a feeling of subtle sophistication. Smaller design objects are also a great way to capture its essence and to add industrial elements to our spaces. If you're not sold on a full industrial look, mixing them with natural materials and/or colourful art is a great way to balance the material!

Concrete Accessories at The Design Part

Serax designer Marie Michielssen has taken this universal material and has created a nice selection of both art deco and minimal accessories for the home. Her full collection can be seen here and but below are some interesting concrete home decor items that we've newly listed!


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