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Behind The Design | Pierre Jeanneret Furniture by Srelle

"Every great design begins with an even better story"
-Lorinda Mamo

And that couldn't be more true than with Pierre Jeanneret (or Chandigarh) chairs by Srelle. Srelle produces exclusive hand-made furniture pieces that were first designed for the Chandigarh masterplan by Pierre Jeanneret in the 1950's using the exact same materials and techniques as was used by Jeanneret and the craftsman of Chandigarh. Pierre Jeanneret's name has become well known with interior designers and mid-century style lovers everywhere and Srelle has become the go-to brand for bringing his exact designs to us today. Nestled in their small studio in India, Srelle's chairs are entirely handmade using teak from northern India as well as natural cane (in less authentic productions, plastic is sometimes used). 

(Photo by Fabian Lueck)

For anyone interested in history, architecture, art or design, the story of the re-imagination of Chandigarh is truly inspiring. Pierre Jeanneret himself, originally Swiss, relocated and lived/worked there for 15 years of his life for the project. At the time he worked under the shadow of his cousin, Le Corbusier, and so had the freedom to break away from design expectations of the time. While he also worked on building design, he is most known for the furniture that he created for the city and public buildings. 

(Photo by Mikey Estrada for Louise Roe)

And what beautiful furniture it is. His bold architectural lines play with angles and form in a way that was modern, creative and innovative at the time, and still manages to remain the same today. Through informed methods and conscious attention to detail, Srelle carry's on the legacy of Jeanneret designs with each of their skillfully handmade pieces. 

We often receive questions regarding Pierre Jeanneret designs and if these are replicas or "fakes". Quite the opposite! True Vintage Pierre Jeanneret is always available, however, they also come with a vintage price tag! Srelle has written a great explanation on Chandigarh furniture on their website if you have more questions regarding licensing. Enjoy!

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