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Behind the Design | Gant Lights

We love timeless design and one of our newest brands, Gant Lights, stands out as a leader in the lighting industry as they combine beautiful materials to produce stunning architectural inspired lighting. The minimalist forms and contrasting design elements have gained notice worldwide and what originally started as a one-person business has grown to an eclectic team of artisans and a name with a pristine reputation for quality lighting. 

5 Interesting Facts About Gant Lights

1. Gant Lights was established in 2012 by architect and product designer, Stefan Gant
2. Stefan and his team are based in the Rixdorf neighborhood of Berlin where they have extensively renovated an old pastry shop in to a showroom, studio and workshop. 
3. With sustainability in mind, all of the products are manufactured entirely in Germany - from the smallest component to the packaging - which keeps transport routes short and supports local business in Berlin. 
4. The core materials used are concrete, wood, porcelain and marble which are creatively and playfully combined to represent 6 lighting series with several variations. 
5. Materials are sustainably sourced and upcycled wood is used to minimize impact on the environment.

Browse Gant Lights

 Pendant Lights

The 3 series of pendant lights provide a wide selection of material configurations using coppers, shades of concrete, walnut and oak wood, steel and more. You can also choose warmth of the bulb and purchase them with or without touch dim technology. 


Wall Lighting

A selection of cubic and rectangular wall lights in both dark and light concrete are great for a more structural look, blending in with the natural angles of a home. 

Hanging Lights

Play with different sizes, colours and lengths with cubic or rectangular hanging lamps. 


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