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5 Inspiring Home Office Spaces

(Above) A serene study in London created by Widger Architecture. Neutral colors, simple black accents and natural light create a serene space optimized for focus. Read more about this office here.

Architect Timothee Mercier recreated a dilapidated farm house in France for his parents and describes it as an "intimate refuge".  We wouldn't be able to "work" in a gorgeous place like this, but the office area is beautiful indeed!

Intimate living spaces and a dark intimate office in Flat House by Practice Architecture. Textures, dark tones and earthy materials create a warm office space in this groundbreaking zero carbon home in Cambridgeshire.

I always like cozy office spaces built in to different nooks of the house: hallways, kitchens, closets, etc. Here they were able to create an office as they created a floor plan with a custom made desk in architect Walter Netsch's home remodel of his 1974 triangular house.

Admittedly the Pierre Jeanneret chairs caught my eye at first, but the entire office completely notable! It's super cozy yet visually inspiring - and I love that the art work is so high on the walls (if you have such high walls to decorate - this type of display can make a room look even larger!) It's an office that puts you at ease but also motivates creativity.

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