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10 Items to Help You Organise Your Space

Whether you're moving house or refreshing your space, storage and shelving are one of the best ways to declutter your space as well as your mind. There are infinite options for shelving available and we wanted to round up a few of our favourites that you can shop on The Design Part. If you're looking for something more specific or having any questions, send us a message and are happy to help you!

1. The Mate Shelf 

The Mate shelf is perfect for small spaces and minimal design while also bringing a cozy earthy feel with its distinct solid walnut or oak wood. 


2. The Easy Bridge Shelf (set of 4)

Coming in a set of 4, the possibilities could be endless as it provides a cohesive look throughout your home or breaks up a space with its minimal geometrical feel. 


3. Arie Shelf

This striking award winning shelf by Arik Levy for e15 is a gorgeous option for your space. Unique and multi-faceted, storing and/or displaying things have never looked so good!

4. Tristano Sideboard

The Tristano Sideboard helps you minimize and organize by hiding away clutter yet standing as a unique design object. We love the details. 

5. Slim Irony Wall Rack

We love the way they've organised a home office space with the Slim Irony Wall Racks. Minimal enough for small spaces and bold enough for larger ones. 


6. The Locus Ladder

Another wonderful option for minimalists, the Locus Ladder seems to fit perfectly in any space - and be able to store/organise anything with enough creativity!


7. Box System Shelving

The Box System shelving by Mater comes in a set of 2 and is available in different finishes. We love that you can use them almost anywhere or in any room as well as adding a bit of visual dimension to a space.


8. Sutoa Shelf 

Objects by Frama embody a uniquely warm aesthetic and always seems to invite mindful living. Their furniture and accessories are inspired by quality, natural materials and geometric lines - the Sutoa Shelf embodies these traits perfectly and is unique way to store your items. It has wheels on the bottom making it even more convenient in your rooms.

9. The Slim Marble Sideboard

The Slim Marble Sideboard fits in perfectly with the Slim Irony series by Zeus. You can choose a sideboard with a marble top or you can stick with the original finish - depending on the style of your space!

10. The Rivet Shelf System

Perfect if you love a more industrial feel, the Rivet Shelf System is laser cut and hammered by hand. 


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