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10 Table Lamps To Light Up Your Home

Table lamps are the perfect way to light up your home, infusing warmth in smaller spaces. There are so many unique, functional and creative lamp designs that choosing the perfect one even becomes an adventure in design and function. We've listed a few of our favourites from our collection of table lamps - lamps that were carefully designed and created with us in mind. 


1. Petite Machine Table Lamps

The Petite Machine collection of lamps by Made by Hand were strongly inspired by lamp design from the 1930's and 1950's. The lamp is about playing with movement and distance between the circular meetings of the tube and the mounting (the shade also allows for 180 degrees rotation). They are a beautiful testament to inspired design and danish craftmanship. 

View the entire colour selection here.

2. Eight Over Eight Lamps

Besides the elegant and geometric feel of the Eight Over Eight Marble Lamps, our favourite part is that you can choose the lamp base colour and the shade colour yourself - giving it a more personal feel. 

Explore the options here

3. The Palo LED Table Lamp

The Palo LED Table lamp by e15 offers an elegant and smart solution for table or bedside reading. The visible cord lends a casual edge to the structured form. It's also available in black. 

Explore it here

4. The Baby Dome Lamp

The Baby Dome lamp is an award winning lamp designed by Todd Bracher for Mater. It's iconic shape and classic colour options make it a timeless object which can complement any interior. 

Visit the Baby Dome Lamp here

5. Mushroom Table Lamp

Smoked glass and brushed brass - the Mushroom Lamp by 101cph was inspired by the archetypal fungus form. It's a simple light expression with a lot of personality! 

View the lamp here

6. The Clam Table Lamp

Use the Clam Lamp as a table lamp or maybe even a floor lamp! The lamp shades can be positioned according to the user's needs, where it is possible to change between direct and indirect lighting. It's perfect if you're looking for a bold but minimal design. 

Read more here

7. Disc Lamp Concrete

The combination of the hard and cold characteristics of the concrete with the soft fabric of the lampshade and the warm light gives the Disc Lamp a unique appearance. Thanks to the repetition of the cylindrical shape, the lamp looks timeless and architectural.

Visit the Disc Lamp by Marie Michielssen here.

8. Desk Lamp "Cocotte"

It's possible that no lamp design is more recognisable than those of Serge Mouille. He created his lamps in the 1960's and they are now kept alive by the only owners of the rights to production of these designs - Editions Serge Mouille. Each lamp is meticulously crafted in France and comes with its unique certificate of authenticity. 

See the entire Serge Mouille collection here

9. E27 Table Lamp

Design house Frama gets to the bare minimal with the E27 Table Lamp. It's an industrial and straight forward looking fitting combined with a textile cord - and the nice part is that you can decorate it a variety of creative bulbs. 

Shop the E27 here

10. Table Lamp Earth White

The Table Lamp Earth is part of an interesting papier-mâché collection by Serax designer Marie Michielssen that was inspired by her profound love of paper and prints and the reuse of materials. 

Read more here. 


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